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Purple Paint Mission

Purple Paint Mission Purple is definitely a color that is synonymous with creativity and spirituality. Purple is often worn by regal families to symbolize power and wealth because it was a color that was initially costly to make due to the rarity of the dye. Purple enables us to connect to our innermost selves and is thought of as introspective.

Violet and purple integrate some unique qualities although they are often grouped together. Violet is in the visible light range and appears in the rainbow. Blue and red mix together to form purple. Violet contains the highest visibility and vibration within the visible color spectrum.

Purple has greater intensity as opposed to violet, which is considerably softer. However, both colors offer a similar essence. The names are exchangeable and the color definitions are similar. Both include the strength and energy-related to red combined with the integrity and spirituality offered by blue. Purple’s partnership represents the marriage of the body as well as the soul.

Violet or purple assists individuals who are seeking spiritual fulfillment and the meaning of life. This hue allows us to connect easier to our greater consciousness and generate awareness. International philosophers and soul transformation are key points of the color purple.

Color psychology is presented by violet and purple. When the emotions are quitened, imagination and dreams can unite. Psychic capacity and spiritual development are accelerated by these colors. Purple and violet present grounding and security.

Violet relates to the desire to escape reality from life’s practicalities and enter into the fantasy world. Purple is often attached to daydreamer personalities. Purple is a symbol of sobriety and is the amethyst gemstone for February. This shade can deliver peace of mind, trustworthiness, intellectual stability and positivity. This colour combines the divine world between thought and the physical world of activity. Meditation is recognized by violet and purple pigments. The crown chakra is presented by the colors purple and violet.

Unconditional love plus selfless behaviour are influenced by violet. Violet is free from vanity and offers sensitivity and empathy. Violet is sensitive to all kinds of world-wide pollution which includes noise pollution, food pollution, air pollution and visual pollution. This delicate sensitivity may make violet more vulnerable and prone to potential allergies or illnesses.

Violet seeks originality, creativity and creative pursuits within a variety of endeavors. Violet is pleased to be unique and self reliant. It likes to be one-of-a-kind compared to blending in with the crowd. Violet conjures up poets, artists, author`s, mediums and band members with its obscurity, inventiveness and magic.
Purple is a potent color that generates respect. It exhibits a self-assured nature and sound leadership qualities. Hence, its’ association with the aristocracy and royalty, the color is traditionally associated with extravagance, wealth and luxury.

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