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Trimaco has a entire line of items to help you be successful. Just as you work hard to keep your customers happy, they notice when you go the extra mile. We provide you with a full lineup of work site protection items, work surface and personal collection pieces including dust containment, cloths, painter’s tape, protective equipment, masking tape and paint strainers. Our clients’ needs are definitely the inspiration for our product development. Permit us to share our experience so that you can obtain the professional results you demand. We provide nationwide circulation to simplify access to our lineup.

Company Origins

In 1906, Trimaco was founded based on creativity, integrity, experience and client support. The company values developing relationships with people to create the highest quality products. Trimaco is a innovator in manufacturing paint for disaster recovery, flooring, construction, marine, automotive industries and facilities upkeep. A variety of products are available for jobsite applications and personal projects.

Supplying complete work site protection is their primary goal. Trimaco has facilities internationally and throughout the USA. The head office is located in Morrisville, North Carolina. The business takes pride in offering punctual global delivery. Plant locations include Manning, SC, Elk Grove Village, IL, Surprise, AS and Ridgefield, WA.

Continuous Product Support

Our comprehensive sales force team, product innovators, marketing endeavours, purchasing division and customer service associates are committed and dedicated. We concentrate our competence on delivering full-service support around the clock. As the leader in the industry in surface safety, our quality commitment doesn’t stop with the merchandise we make.

To obtain the utmost convenience, Trimaco has plants conveniently situated across the U.S. They're committed to surpassing client expectations every step of the way. The resource page features in-depth information about the Trimaco line of merchandise. There are sales sheets, videos and a catalog to help clients have access to the job site protection products they require.


Which surface protection products are available?

Surface protection refers to blocking damage and abrasions a number of surfaces including counters or flooring. Surface protection products are well suited for high-traffic locations as they offer uncomplicated cleaning and robust security. Carpeting and rugs, hardwood flooring, countertops and stainless steel surfaces all reap the benefits of surface protection. Trimaco can help you protect heavy traffic locations, water, stains, high-traffic locations, paint and other threats. The surface protection products offered by Trimaco include plastic dropcloths, masking paper, surface shields, canvas dropcloths.

What is the best way to care for and reuse drop cloths?

Remember that different types of drop cloths feature different labels and care instructions. Canvas drop cloths may be machine washed in warm water and hung to dry or put into a dryer on minimal heat. However, realize that canvas may be prone to shrinking. Once they are washed, they may become slightly less spill-resistant too. The same applies to the Rubber-Duckie Butyl-coated backed dropcloth. Take note that the One Tuff, Stay Put Canvas and Butyl II drop cloths will not be washed traditionally. Instead, use a rag to wipe up any serious paint spills to stop the paint from drying.

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