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One of the main painting resources is FrogTape. Equipped with PaintBlock technology, it's in almost every professional painter’s gear to deliver a smooth finish. FrogTape was created to be used together with latex paint formulas. PaintBlock creates a micro-barrier along the tapes’ edges by chemically reacting with the water inside the latex. This produces a barrier to stop the paint from bleeding.

What is PaintBlock Technology?

PaintBlock is considered an SAP or sodium-based cross-linked Superabsorbent Polymer. It is ideal for absorbing and retaining large quantities of liquid in contrast to its own mass. Various industries depend on these items including feminine hygiene products, paper towels and diaper items.

Why Does FrogTape Come In A Plastic Container?

The tape is an important tool and keeping it dry and clean is easier when it travels in a plastic canister. Keeping the FrogTape free and clean from debris specifically affects how well it functions. These convenient little canisters can be reused for holding beads and craft items or out in the shop for holding hardware, nuts and bolts.

How long is the FrogTape Delicate Surface timeline safe to leave on my trim and walls?

This is an excellent painter’s tape for removing from recently painted surfaces after a minimum of 24 hours without leaving any residue. It may be left on faux finish paint or wallpaper for about sixty days or two months before painting. To lessen the risk of having recent paint tear it is recommended to remove the masking tape once your painting is finished.

What is the timeframe for leaving FrogTape Multi-Surface on a location that is directly in the sun?

This specific FrogTape delivers UV resistance for Seven days. Normally, masking tape is rapidly removed after the painting is complete to deliver crisp results.

How long can FrogTape Multi-Surface stay on my trim or walls?

The FrogTape Multi-Surface painter’s tape will come off residue-free for almost all surfaces for Twenty-one days or 7 days in direct sunshine prior to painting. It is recommended that masking tape is taken off right after your painting is done to lessen the risk of accidentally tearing fresh paint.

How long should I leave FrogTape on before removing it from the surface?

Taking the painter’s tape off while the paint is wet soon after painting is recommended for best results. If the paint has dried and it's also pulling up with the tape, or discover that the paint is cracking down the paint line as you’re removing the tape. If this happens, stop pulling the tape and employ a razor blade to score the tape instead. You'll be able to achieve a cleaner line greater removal if the seal is taken off between the paint and the tape.

What does it mean if the FrogTape isn’t sticking to the wall?

If your walls have been recently painted and your tape isn’t sticking, this can mean the paint hasn’t totally cured. Once the surface is not correctly prepped, it can lift from the wall if stretching occurred during application. Preparing the surface carefully is really important to making sure it is exempt from dust. Using a wall primer first is beneficial to be certain the paint coating will be bonded well for excellent results.

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