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Paint Extension Pole Tips

Ensure the paint roller has evenly distributed paint soaking the roller. Avoid a top-heavy extension pole by applying less paint. By loading the paint roller evenly, you will achieve cleaner results with fewer runs or drips. Using your paint tools effectively will make the entire process simpler. To prevent an uneven coat, never dry roll with your painting equipment.

Start out your paint job among the lowest point on the surface and work towards the ceiling. This approach makes it simpler to use the extension pole and allows minimum length changes. Using an extension offers you mobility for painting with assorted extension options.

Holding the pole correctly can make the entire process simpler. When operating a entirely extended pole, carry it by the middle extension for utmost control. Grasp it next to the final section where the midsection segment connects to the lower part of the pole. This method creates less strain on the upper extensions and provides optimum delivery.When elevating and lowering the extension pole, use both your hands for smooth control.

When you are loading the roller with paint, don’t press too rigorously. Guide the roller smoothly to permit it to do the majority of the work for you.

When you load the extension paint roller, support the final portion close to the midsection and the roller near the farthest lower piece you can handle. This method permits you to secure support on the extension when you are loading the paint.

Hold the pole upright with maximal extension until you transfer it to your painting surface. Grip the center and bottom pole as close to the peak of each portion as is feasible to find the best control. Cautiously lean the pole close to the surface to begin painting once you are positioned close to the wall.

After the roller is on the wall, you can reposition yourself and take a step back to modify your grip. You should be comfortable painting. For greatest control, hold the pole towards the bottom and the center when you paint. Using an extension effectively relies on suitable positioning of the pole to prevent it from being too bottom or top-heavy.

In order to loosen or tighten the collet locking mechanism or the chuck, merely hold the pole underneath the collet and unlock or lock the extension portion you need to adjust. Tighten the chuck until the pole that glides out stops moving. Try to slide the pole post chuck tightening to find out if it will hold. Over-tightening the chuck can cause pole deterioration. Be mindful when you are adjusting.

Make sure the poles are free from paint or product that can build up in the slide. If any paint should get onto the pole, clean it off before it dries and hardens. Have a paint thinner rag nearby for oil-based cleaning and a wet cloth to handle any latex cleanup. Just before you adjust the pole, be certain no paint thinner or water is remaining in the collet and the chuck. For simple storage, collapse the extension to its smallest size. Incorporate your extension pole with a standard length paint handle roller for maximum results. Avoid using a long-handledpaint roller.

Purchasing an extendable pole is a worthy investment. You can use it for decades and different projects. It is the only way to reach ceilings and vaulted walls effectively Maintain this paint tool by making sure it is clean each time you wish to use it. The telescoping extension means you can avoid having to rely on a ladder to paint high places. It is a worthy painting tool that's worth its weight in gold.

Get innovative with your extension pole and employ it for dusting hard-to-reach locations including ceiling fans, window frames and ledges and crown molding! Store your extension pole someplace close allowing you to have easy access for all of your painting and cleaning projects.

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