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For over 50 years, Alfred Richard designed a selection of quality tools. After 5 decades, A. Richard consented to sell his business to the Panfili and Gregoire families. They fully commited to carrying on a family-run business operation. In 1942, the A. Richard Company transferred to Berthierville.

In 1997, a third-generation of the Panfili and Gregoire groups took the company over from their seniors. A. Richard linked with Hyde Tools, Inc. in 2003 after maintaining more than 85% of the Canadian hand tool industry.

A. RICHARD Expands

In 2006, A. Richard obtained Roultech, a paint brush and roller producer and distributor. The assembly and marketing expertise of A. Richard blended well with the competence offered by Roultech to cultivate a winning strategy for the applicator market.
In 2006, A. Richard broadened by taking over a roller and paint brush vendor and distributor called Roultech. This was a positive venture as both companies delivered expertise in production and marketing to secure the paint application market. The successful business makes more than 1200 pieces that are for sale in fourteen countries worldwide.


Staying focused on offering exceptional customer care via high-quality products and skills helps the company stay successful. Each product has been mindfully designed to meet the stringent quality standards in the industry.

A. Richard takes pleasure in building hand tools that are sturdy, comfortable to use, practical and environmentally friendly. Undergoing the highest quality tests and standards allows them to provide the best items.


Making and dispersing unique, inventive products on the leading edge of hand tools utilized for coating preparation and application. Both business oriented and private industries depend on Richard Tools to have the appropriate hand tools to complete large-scale painting products with superb results.

Establishing, manufacturing and dispersing essential hand tools particular to the painting and coating industries is the place we excel. We design user-friendly tools to increase your productivity and efficiency. Enjoy better success by working with the main distributor and manufacturer in North America.

We proudly supply a total tool lineup that will help you simplify all of your preparation and coating jobs. Our high supply turnover, accurate shipping and quick delivery let us offer a seamless purchasing process.


The tremendous success from A. Richard is due to every of our employees who promote the innovative brand, the company’s inventive nature and daily enforcement. At first the business processed wood and plastic and then turned into an injection mould organization. Designing their own production robots for hand tool production has been one of the company’s many great achievements. The company assures the maximum quality control by being involved with every process.

The corporation doesn’t need to tackle any competition given that they consistently outperform. The Research & Development team incorporates two engineers, and ergonomist-designer, 3 technicians along with a 3D printer. The business boasts countless patents for many different products. The present product lineup of A. Richard contains 1200 separate items purchased in fourteen countries across the globe. The company is happy to be rated among the most essential hand tool suppliers on the planet. Twelve million tools are produced by A. Richard yearly.

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